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 "Trudy Carmichael is a legend. Generations of musical improvisers have striven to emulate her rhyme schemes, her clever turns of phrase, and her sultry voice- but no one has tried to follow her wild lifestyle, because they would surely die. Slightly less wild but no less talented is her actress, Robin Rothman, who has been touring the NYC stages for more than a decade. Don’t miss it!" -

"Rothman's voice is extraordinary, and it’s undeniably impressive to watch her swiftly and smoothly whittle a whole tune out of thin air...the talent on display is undeniable." - Transitions Theater blog

"Trudy Carmichael (Robin Rothman) is now on my Olympic Pantheon of Improvisers. Not only is she improvising a full one woman show she’s creating full songs with the help of Frankie Keys (played by Frank Spitznagel). When you think of improv you normally think funny but this was absolutely hilarious."
- The Young-Howse Theater Journal

“Trudy” can deftly transform “Bananas by the Cabana” into a quasi-Caribbean near-samba. The Lonely Lumberjack” chopping along, builds sexual tension. “Bling Bling, Love That Ring,” a comment on her bejeweled hands, becomes a very-Dolly-Parton country-pop tune. It doesn’t matter what you throw at her, she knocks it out of the park.
It’s truly interactive theatre, where the watchers become actors, and the actor is the show."
Kings River Life Magazine

"Coming to you live from her stylish Las Vegas living room, Trudy Carmichael (aka Robin Rothman) is a gifted musical improviser, which is one of the most impressive skills." -

"Robin Rothman as Trudy Carmichael is just full of humor, light, and energy." -

"Rothman clearly has a lot of fun with the wackiness spurred on by audience suggestions and the overall spontaneity." -

"Robin Rothman Taylor is a fresh powerhouse of vocal, comedy, and improv talent." See Trudy Carmichael Presents The Improvised One-Woman Show! It's bonkers and fabulous. You'll thank me. ☆☆☆☆☆ - Peter Michael Marino


Out of Bounds Comedy Festival Presents: Pedro Gonzalez, Trudy Carmichael, & Dasariski - September 1, 2019 ​

Las Vegas Legend Trudy Carmichael Livens Up Your Living Room For The FringeLiveStream Series - September 18, 2020

Trudy Carmichael Returns To The Majestic Rep For One Night Only  - February 2, 2020

TRUDY CARMICHAEL PRESENTS THE IMPROVISED ONE-WOMAN HERSTORY! to make a daring Premiere at The NY International Fringe Festival - September 5, 2018

Cranston Herald
14th Annual Providence Improv Fest - September 3, 2017
Making Musical Improv Work RemotelyJune 16th, 2020
Rogue Performer PreviewsFebruary 20, 2021
Virtual Rogue ReviewsMarch 10, 2021

Audience to Shape One-Woman Show - February 19, 2020

Trudy Carmichael Presents: The Improvised One Woman Show Hosted by L'AFILA : L'Improvisation Américaine en France 
- June 28, 2019

Downtown Las Vegas to Rock Out, and Go Acoustic - February 2020

Trudy Carmichael Presents The Improvised One-Woman Herstory!


Trudy Carmichael’s Character Cabaret 

Trudy Carmichael Presents The Improvised One-Woman Show! - February 18, 2018

theSpaceUK Announces Full Programme for Edinburgh Fringe 2022 - June 17, 2022

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