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Trudy Virtually Returns To Her nymif Roots!

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

More than eleven years ago, Trudy Carmichael set foot on the Magnet Theater stage to host The FIRST Musical Improv Mixer for The First Annual New York Musical Improv Festival. That day - a Magnet Theater STAR was BORN and the legend of Trudy Carmichael was realized! ( least in Trudy's mind.)

In any case, what was to follow after that first magical night, was nothing short of a miracle! The Musical Magnet Mixer became a beloved mothly, then weekly... then bi-weekly staple of the theater hosted by Trudy where many a star of Musical Megawatt first cut their teeth on the delicious meat of musical make 'em ups. The Musical Mixer has been a mainstay and time honored tradition of The NYMIF ever since its maiden voyage and it had been slated for The 11th Annual NYMIF until those dreams were dashed by Covid-19. BUT NOW... Trudy is COMING BACK to the virtual stage for a FABULOUS appearance in The Virtual NYMIF 2020 - premiering her show, Trudy Carmichael Presents The Improvised One-Woman Show! on Wednesday, July 15th at 8:30pm. Visit for tickets and to check out the rest of the FABULOUS lineup!

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