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Trudy Carmichael Presents

The Improvised One-Woman Show!


Join fictional Las Vegas lounge legend, Trudy Carmichael (Robin Rothman), "Frankie Keys" (Frank Spitznagel) desperately tickling the ivories and over-the-top host, Shane Taymor (Sean Taylor) for an entirely improvised event featuring original songs, starry-eyed anecdotes, and stratospheric high notes – created ON THE SPOT based on YOUR suggestions via live comments from the comfort of your own homes, apartments or RVs! 

"Robin Rothman as Trudy Carmichael is just full of humor, light, and energy." -

"Rothman clearly has a lot of fun with the wackiness spurred on by audience suggestions and the overall spontaneity." -


"Coming to you live from her stylish Las Vegas living room, Trudy Carmichael (aka Robin Rothman) is a gifted musical improviser, which is one of the most impressive skills." -

SHOWTIME: Thursday, October 1st at 9:00pm (ET) / 6:00pm (PT)

RUNNING TIME: 45 minutes 

$10 Donation (+ $1.62 Eventbrite Service Fee) 

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